January 4, 2013

The Daily Choice: Wooden Wand – Supermoon


Wooden Wand – ‘Supermoon’ from fire records on Vimeo.

James Jackson Toth is the sort of prolific genius that you can get lost in. Just as soon you find yourself devouring his most recent record, he’s released another, and then another and then another, each and all worthy of repeated listens. Don’t even get me started on trying to dig deeper in to the libraries of music this man has penned – it’s a fulltime endeavor. That said, the release of a new album, a new song, a new hint at what opus he might be releasing in to the wild next is always a highpoint of any day and “Supermoon” the first video/single off his new album Blood Oaths of the New Blues is no different. The track throbs with a sort of road-weary sadness, Toth’s voice a whiskey-honeyed guide down some dark, sad dirt path with no foreseeable end in sight. Just carve another notch on the bedpost of James Jackson Toth’s musical successes – if you can find a space.

Blood Oaths of the New Blues will be released on January 8th on Fire Records.


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