December 31, 2012

Northwest Passage: “Godzilla Ate Tukwilla”


Northwest Passage seeks to catalog the musical history of Cascadia as we dig through the bins and emerge with interesting wax from past and present. We explore the seminal, the classic, the bad, the funny, and the just plain weird.

As the year wraps up I thought I’d finish the year off with my favorite find of the year. This hilarious 1980 recording of Dave Phillips comes to us from Bellevue private press label Christy Records, which the internet is failing to tell me anything about at this particular moment. (The Internet doesn’t know everything I guess…) An expired ebay listing for the full length this song comes from states “cult classic ‘GODZILLA ATE TUKWILLA’ [was] a small time and shortly heard anthem which received some airplay during the early 1980′s.”

Dave Philips - Godzilla Ate Tukwilla

A hella funny romp around Washington State’s many locales? Definitely. A Northwest cult classic? Probably not.


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