December 25, 2012

Psych Week: MMOSS’s Only Children


Only Children is MMOSS’s second proper album, the first having arrived on cassette via Burger Records, a label who seems to have their fingers in many a rad band’s early business as of late. Now in the hands of Chicago’s Trouble in Mind Records (Night Beats, Mikal Cronin) MMOSS are among like-minded company who relish getting weird for a living. The sublime trio of “Another Day,” “Another Dream” and “Hands” favor the harmonious moods of the Haight and gives Only Children a throwback feel, but with clean organ and weird guitar detournes they don’t end up sounding old. The lengthy and sometimes prog leaning experimental jams “War Sux”, “Marty Hils,” “Wander” aren’t retreads either, and smartly avoid the touch of Hendrix and wah over-use.  A redux of album opener “Spoiled Sun” closes Only Children and with a hazy eastern feel summons the spirit of 1969 to linger in the air one last time.

Searching for a reason to drop that tab hiding the in the back of your closet? You might’ve just found it. As the below video for “Hands” indicates they’d probably welcome you doing just that.

Listen to the whole record on Bandcamp.


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  1. peenwallace #

    Whats wrong with “the touch of Hendrix”? Closed minded ignorant little bitch.

  2. merry christmas to you too peenwallace!
    for the record: i like hendrix. i also like hearing something new.

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