December 24, 2012

Psych Week – The Rose Windows/Kingdom of the Holy Sun Tape


Rose Windows – SummerTime by by Roberto Adrian Martinez

[It's Psych Week Here on Sound on the Sound and were running our thoughts on some of 2012's most compelling psych releases.]

Two local psych ensembles Rose Windows and Kingdom of the Holy Sun have put together one of this year’s most compelling musical packages, a cassette split. Yes, the year is 2012 and we still talk about cassettes.

“Summertime” (video above) sprawls across the entirety of Side A, a far east inspired melody segues into stoner riffs few prog bands could better. As a first offering it’s anĀ ambitious stunner, but is also mostly a departure from the harmony rich earth hymns of other recent recorded material, including the tracks that have already surfaced from the just finished LP The Sun Dogs (currently set for a mid-2013 release) and a those recorded for a recent KEXP Audioasis session. Put together what we’ve heard already and this is definitely one of Sound on the Sound’s key local band’s to watch in 2013.

For being together only since early 2012 Kingdom of the Holy Sun have already recorded a staggering three records and posted them to bandcamp, with two of the tracks hitting this tape’s other side. The representative first track from their most recent releaseĀ Pharmacokinetics “Julie Says” shows this band’s own appreciation for half-tones and slow burning builds, and in this case comes out sounding like a spooky Doors 45 dialed down to a spookier 33rpm. “Her Sweet Delight” from their first self-titled LP follows and really hit’s the mark with what I can only describe as foreboding Dagoba swamp psych, where the haunted forest around you feels poised to turn on you at any moment and a destined confrontation with a Dark Lord of the Sith lays in wait.



Kingdom of the Holy Sun closes out the year at the Lofi Performance Gallery on Saturday December 29th with Blue Light Curtain and Isis & The Ghost.


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