December 18, 2012

Northwest Passage: The Springfield Rifle – “Nordstrom”


Northwest Passage seeks to catalog the musical history of Cascadia as we dig through the bins and emerge with interesting wax from past and present. We explore the seminal, the classic, the bad, the funny, and the just plain weird.

I featured the gentlemen of the Springfield Rifle in the first Northwest Passage column under another name and since it’s still shopping season for one more week I’ve got another reason to feature them for their promo track for “Nordstrom,” collected for us on the compilation “Northwest Battle of The Bands Volume 2.” The cool kids representing your favorite shoe store and mine, right?

The Springfield Rifle - "Nordstrom"

Here the band is putting some new words to their track “100 or Two” (stream the original at the bottom) and unbashfully selling out. The conditions of this re-dub obviously represent a different time where the notion of a rock and roll band having creative integrity was laughable and these gents were probably just making money as they could, just like every other band and this was a good gig.¬†Though making money via selling your finished product commercially (or “syncing”) is now the name of the game for all working musicians in 2012, I just can’t see many current bands trading their creative integrity and doing this same thing in 2012 no matter what the money. How times have changed.

The Springfield Rifle - 100 or Two


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