December 18, 2012

Heatwarmer debuts “Rejoice” video


2Pac’s “California Love,” Fu Manchu’s “Evil Eye” and Metallica’s “Whiskey in the Jar” (most terrible Thin Lizzy cover imaginable).

What do all of these songs have in common? They are the cinematic definition of “party.” “California Love” welcomes black people “the hood” to the Thunderdome. Fu Manchu incites a teenage suburban riot that is eerily similar to scenes that are featured in approximately 134 films that were produced between the year 1979 and the year 1988. James Hetfield’s primordial growl is the closest thing us humans can experience as it relates to the concept of “Heaven on Earth.” God doesn’t bless James Hetfield, James Hetfield blesses himself.

The indescribable and invincible Heatwarmer join the ranks of the aforementioned in the music video turned fiesta realm. A low ceiling that serves as a minor hinderance to taller than average musicians is not enough of an obstacle to contain the arena rock intro of “Rejoice.” You might think my usage of the phrase “arena rock” is a backhanded slight in Heatwarmer’s general direction. However, if you google the band, you will soon realize that over the course of time I have built an html-based altar to this band (with an incredibly high page rank mind you). Yes, even I, the token cynical Sound on the Sound blogger knows when his match is met. How long do you think it takes for me to genuflect at the beckoning of an electronic wind instrument? If you estimated ten seconds, you guessed nine seconds too many. In this instance, I use the term “arena rock” as a fetishized wish. I want to see Heatwarmer rock an arena. I want them to have access to a sound system that is as large as a blue whale. In a perfect world, Heatwarmer would perform a concert in the belly of a large aquatic beast and we’d all be invited.

I often lament about the uniqueness of Heatwarmer. How I wish there were more bands like them on this side of the universe. Admittedly, that is a lie. I think our solar system can only handle one band of this caliber. My joints are thankful for the scarcity of this chimerical creativity.  I would be spending too much time on my knees if all bands sounded as wonderful as this.

“Rejoice” is the first song off of Heatwarmer’s upcoming self-titled debut. The video was directed by Jake Knapp and filmed in my neighborhood the U-District earlier this month. Heatwarmer’s next show is in February 8th at a new venue in the U-District called The Heartland. Go to their website (it’s creative and incredible, much like the band) for more details concerning Heatwarmer.


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  1. erin #

    heatwarmer’s next show is actually at the space this was filmed (“another dream” 5657 11th ave ne) january 5th! a space warming party with a dozen bands//starts at 6 pm!

  2. evan #

    1. the way i know whiskey in the jar:
    2. east coast heatwarmer=ball of flame shoot fire. not the same but VERY similar instincts. download “zileur” and “pots and knives”

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