December 11, 2012

PREMIERE: Black Hills – “Sterile Hills”


You know what’s better than records? Almost nothing. You know what’s better than coffee? Almost nothing. When you combine two of our favorite things, you get Porchlight Coffee and Records, a neighborhood coffee shop, record store and record label. In the past, Porchlight has released vinyl from Sound on the Sound favorites Grand Hallway and Cotton Jones. Today they’re adding a new name and gem to their roster: Black Hills, a Seattle super group of sorts, bringing together members of Minus the Bear, the Lonely Forest, Argo and The Quiet Ones.

“Sterile Eyes,” the A-side of the band’s debut 7”, which we’re proud to premiere today, is a perfect companion for Seattle winter weather;  with its 3:30pm “sunsets,” 500 shades of gray and blustery winds. Its the type of song you want to cozy up to by your lonesome, with only your turntable and something strong to drink or smoke to keep you company. Its sleepy like the Seattle sun that doesn’t rise for four months, yet surprisingly sweet, thanks to hooky harmonies, a swelling bridge and a rich ’60s guitar tone which anchors the entire song. It does exactly what a 7” is meant to do — make us want to hear more.

Take a listen for yourself:

The band is performing next Saturday (December 22nd) at the Comet with Black Whales.

Their debut 7” is due out Christmas Eve,  is limited to 500 beautiful black vinyl copies and you can pre-order it today.



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