December 11, 2012

Northwest Passage: Floating Bridge


Floating Bridge

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With the current cover story in the Seattle Weekly titled “Floating Bridges” doing a retrospective of Singles 20 year on,  it seemed an appropriate to remind folks of a local band 20 years previous to that with the name, Floating Bridge. Remember that band Stillwater from Almost Famous? These dudes might be the closest Northwest analog in sound and looks to Cameron Crowe’s “Fever Dog” five-some.

Forming in 1967 they quickly became the house band at Seattle’s Eagle Auditorium and signed with L.A. based label Vault Records. The band released only a 45 “‘Brought Up Wrong” b/w “Watch Your Step” in 1968 and then a self-titled full-length in 1969 including those tracks and six others, among them a six-minute-plus dexterous  ever-evolving guitar jam on “Hey Jude.” The two tracks to appear on the 45 though are the band’s strongest, both showcasing a bluesy amalgam of the ambitiously volumed MC5 and Tacoma garage kings the Sonics.

Floating Bridge - Brought Up WrongFloating Bridge

Floating Bridge - Watch Your StepFloating Bridge

All ragged vocals and screams, “Brought Up Wrong” feels a worthy sequel to Gary Rosile’s performance on the famed single “The Witch.”

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