December 7, 2012

A Sound on the Sound Premiere: Lemolo – “Letters”


For a musician, getting to a show (and doing so on time) is always some sort of adventure … even if you’re just driving from the hotel down the street. But when it comes to the ladies of Lemolo, their route to shows is not only an adventure, but a beautiful one. It consists of forested roads hugging the crooked curves of the Peninsula, ferry boat rides with the Sound churning below, sailing into a picturesque vista and, of course, a car crammed full of gear like a masterful game of Tetris.

The dreamy duo’s brand new video for “Letters,” one of our favorite songs of 2012, shows the band’s journey from their sleepy hometown of Poulsbo to their sold out show at The Triple Door this fall. Shot by local photographer and videographer Dylan Priest, “Letters” shows a beautifully intimate peek into a day in the life of Lemolo and we’re proud to be premiering it here on Sound on the Sound.

Lemolo will be making that same picturesque journey in just a few short hours as they travel from Poulsbo to The Paramount where they’ll be opening for Allen Stone tonight.


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  1. Jacob #

    Good God…. This is an amazing song…. There aren’t words.

  2. Jim Simmons #

    Lovely video and song.

  3. Pat #

    Multisensory Amazing

  4. Becky C. #

    I love you two! I’m lucky enough to live a bit off of Lemolo and really enjoyed your video and all that you go through to share your art. It is truly pure art. I’m spreading the word!

  5. elizabeth #

    really cool the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ruthie #

    love these ladies – rock on!

  7. Rog #

    this video is really excellent! Well done all. Love Lemolo!

  8. Jon Crary #

    Fantastic song. Thank you.

  9. Galen #

    Great work all around

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