December 5, 2012

The Daily Choice : Parquet Courts – Borrowed Time


The image of a man riding a bucking stallion on the cover of the new Parquet Courts album Light Up Gold is oddly fitting for this scrappy Brooklyn group. Not because there’s even a hint of twang or country noodlin’ in the music, but because there’s a kind of energy coursing through every song on this fantastic album that corrals good times, good music, good humor and a hint of hard drinkin’ in to the same party. You could imagine a couple of non-ironic cowboy hats tipped back, maybe a chawed on piece of straw hanging from the corner of a mouth, and certainly several faces knot in the wake of a strong gulp of whiskey.

Parquet Courts newest album is year-end discovery that will certainly change the structure of my Best Of list. It’s rollicking punk rock at it’s finest, and I’m imploring you to listen to this track and then go out and find the whole album. Do it!

Parquet Court’s newest album Light Up Gold is out now on Dull Tools.

Parquet Courts - Borrowed Time


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