November 30, 2012

On Repeat: Courtney Marie Andrews – “It Keeps Going”



Or as I call it fondly, “It Just Keeps Playing.” After probably 30 plays in the last two days, it seems a fitting nickname.

I certainly didn’t think the cure for my folk-fatigue would be a bare bones bathroom video of just a girl and her guitar, but “It Keeps Going” and Courtney Marie Andrews are surprising in their sparse but scenic beauty. It reminds that a stunning song doesn’t need all the bells and whistles, that reverb is often used to hide imperfections, that not every song needs a banjo or a chorus to stomp and clap or sing along to. Sometimes, when a song and the voice that sings it is just right, you don’t even need the sink to be out of the frame to hide that you’re singing perched on your bathroom counter. When a song is this good, you don’t anything but the song itself.

Andrews, originally from the Southwest, calls Seattle home these days. She just successfully raised the funds for her next full-length via Kickstarter and this little homemade movie of hers has recently garnered attention far outside Seattle from fellow sad-bastard singer/songwriter Ryan Adams who called her a “phenomenal songwriter.”

If you’re smitten with the song and Andrews, you can see her tonight at The Triple Door, where she is opening for St. Paul de Vence. And then, you can wait impatiently with me and Ryan Adams, as we wait to hear just how beautiful her next record is.


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