November 14, 2012

On Repeat: The Pharmacy – “Make Me Remember”


With an album title like Stoned and Alone, it would be easy to assume that The Pharmacy’s new full-length would just be more of the same party-perfect garage rock, but you’d be wrong. The cheekily titled album mixes the stoned sounds of the Pharmacy’s past with upbeat retro pop toe tappers in the vein of The Kinks or locals Tomten. Its filled with hooks that just won’t let go, that you’ll wake up humming in your head or find yourself singing in the shower.

Stoned and Alone is an exceptional mix of what I knew I loved from The Pharmacy and an exciting peek deeper into their record collection and influences. And I for one, can’t get enough of it, especially this Davies’ worthy ditty “Make Me Remember.”

Stoned and Alone is out next Tuesday on Old Flame Records.


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