November 7, 2012

The Daily Choice: F.J. McMahon – The Road Back Home


Raven Sings The Blues has been doing a particularly great job as of late plumbing the depths of, well, everything to find some truly unique and amazing music. It’s been a struggle not to just wake up every morning and grab whatever track they’ve posted for the day and transfer it directly over here. F.J. McMahon certainly emerges from that cherry-picking. Somewhere between surf rock and loner-folk, McMahon’s gentle string plucking and travel-weary croon, invoke the long and winding coast I just found myself traveling. There’s a sense of soldierly momentum to the proceedings spurned on by the crisp, hard snare that backs the song, but the focus is clearly the meandering tone set by McMahon’s noodling acoustic guitar. It’s a gorgeous song, one released and then forgotten in 1969. Lets just all be happy someone found the time to bring it back to the light.

F.J. McMahon’s Spirit of The Golden Juice will be rereleased on Circadian Press.

F.J. McMahon - The Road Back Home



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