October 31, 2012

A Halloween Treat from Black Eyes & Neckties?


It is Halloween, which means only one thing at Sound on the Sound: we are blasting Bellingham’s Black Eyes & Neckties at levels our neighbors surely do not appreciate.¬†We miss this band, their over-the-top theatrics, shoving, fist pumping, shrieking delight, the bruises left on our body’s after their shows, a whole lot of the time, but the pangs are never as strong as they are on Halloween. We spent our favorite and most memorable Halloween with the band in 2009, as they hosted a wake to celebrate and mourn their final show. While we love the band’s the break-up of BENT has spawned, most notably Baltic Cousins and Dog Shredder, we’ve often wished we could bring them back from the dead.

So when the band’s mostly dormant Facebook page shares a status hinting at the future today … well, you could say we’re more than a little bit curious and excited.

Happy Halloween to you and yours!


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