October 30, 2012

Sera Cahoone Celebrated a New Record & Family at the Neptune on Friday Night



After touring Europe behind her new record, Sera Cahoone welcomed the release of Deer Creek Canyon in front of a hometown crowd and flown in family Friday night at the Neptune.  The show was a celebration of an album years in the making and the family and friends who helped Cahoone along the way. Throughout the night, many of those family and friends took the stage — former Carissa’s Wierd bandmate Mat Brooke’s band Grand Archives was the second of two openers, Cahoone asked  her sister and brother to clap along during “Nervous Wreck”, exacted revenge upon said sister for embarrassing her on stage by having the crowd serenade her with “Happy Birthday”, called out her brother for being drunk and had the mic stormed by her sister, who despite the tone deaf serenade, wanted to tell the adoring audience how proud she and her family were of Sera.

The family vibe extended to Cahoone’s backing band, six strong for the release, to include everyone who’d played on the recording of the album. Somehow Cahoone and Co. made the Neptune feel more like an intimate show in the backyard of her parents house, than at a grand theater. Which is to say, Sera’s set was exactly what I want from an album release for an album like Deer Creek Canyon: personal, genuine and technically phenomenal. Cahoone has surrounded herself with some of Seattle’s finest musicians with Sarah Standard playing the violin and our heartstrings,  Jason Kardong making his pedal steel sing and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Fielder plucking away at the banjo, dobro, and nylon string guitar. With the election coming up next week, I’m considering writing Fielder in as a write-in candidate for every position, because it would appear to me, the man can do anything, and do it beautifully.

The night highlighted what I love most about Cahoone as a singer, songwriter and performer: her human-ness. There’s no frills or an ounce of ego present and on Friday she was just a person overwhelmed to be singing her songs to a crowd calling out their love for her … a love she returned not only in song and statements from the stage, but by allowing us such an intimate glimpse at who she is. As big sister Cal said, “Sera is the sweetest, funniest, most talented person you could know” and everyone lucky enough to be in the audience that night could see that wasn’t just big-sister boasting.

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