October 29, 2012

The Daily Choice: Trainwreck Riders – Gypsy Stealin’


Trainwreck Riders have been off the radar for a while. After a big break on the San Francisco scene more than a few years ago, this easy-going group of alt-country stand-outs stepped out of the spotlight for a while. Aside from an appearance on the first In A Cloud compilation, I can’t remember the last time a Trainwreck Riders song floated across my eardrums. Now, with nary a peep, Trainwreck Riders have released a single, “Gypsy Stealin’” in lieu of a new record, Ghost Yards, which comes out tomorrow. “Gypsy Stealin’” captures all the bar-room bravado and drawled country twang you’d expect from a Trainwreck Riders song, and though it’s a perfectly pleasant song that will surely pluck at the nostalgic heart strings of the Bay Area, I worry – is this too little too late? Trainwreck Riders made a name for themselves in the long waned days of San Francisco pre-garage rock. The city’s music scene is now sharply divided between the synthy rehash of the 80s and the gritty lo-fi lip curl of garage and it’s fallout. It isn’t that Trainwreck Riders aren’t worthy of praise, I just wonder if there’s still a place for them in this very different scene.

That said, their new album Ghost Yards releases tomorrow.


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