October 26, 2012

The Daily Choice: The Mallard – There She Goes (The Velvet Underground cover)


Greer McGettrick and The Mallard are long time staples on this website. She’s done a lot of growing musically over the last four years that we’ve known her, and it’s always exciting to post a new track and literally hear the progress she’s continuously making. While we wait patiently for a new record, sate your Mallard appetite with this Velvet Underground cover. Where Lou Reed and company went poppy, The Mallard goes for a little more dark pop, McGettrick’s near monotone holler taking the place of Lou Reed’s snide pop croon and guitarist/bassist Dylan Tidyman-Jones filling the harmonies with his sneaky falsetto. It’s a bold undertaking to cover such a universally known song and The Mallard and company do so with aplomb. It might not be a reinvention of the “There She Goes” wheel, but it’s damn good, damn catchy version and that’s more than you can expect from a retread of one of the great songs of all time.

The Lou Reed cover will be on the Castle Face curated Velvet Underground tribute album featuring bands like Blasted Canyons… and more.

The Mallard will embarking on their first East Coast tour starting in DC on the 7th of November. I implore you rare East Coast readers, watch them while you can.

11/07 DC Comet Pizza and Ping Pong

11/10 Toronto Parts and Labour

11/11 Detroit Lager House

11/12 8ball Ann Arbor

11/13 Chicago Empty Bottle

11/14 Cleveland Case University

11/15 Cleveland Now That’s Class

11/16 Pittsburgh Garfield Arts

11/17 New York Cake Shop

11/18 Brooklyn Death By Audio


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