September 19, 2012

Pure Bathing Culture and Sean Pecknold Make a Video For “Ivory Coast”


Pure Bathing Culture – Ivory Coast from Sean Pecknold on Vimeo.


When it comes time to count down my favorites from 2012, there’s no doubt that Pure Bathing Culture’s “Ivory Coast” will be perched near the very top of my favorite songs. Its a song that tugs at my heartstrings without venturing into sappy or ever feeling manipulative, but every time Sarah Versprille’s voice peaks as she sings “you’re what I love the most,” I ache.

For the official video for the track, Pure Bathing Culture teamed up with Sean Pecknold and release this strange, sweet story yesterday. Its imagery, while out there (and out of this world) is perfectly suited to the song and it, like the song’s verses, tells the story of unfathomable, unquanitifable love.


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  1. katy Keenan #

    i love this……weird and great………

  2. Elliot #

    Good lord that’s fantastic.

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