September 17, 2012

Bumbershooting: Ty Segall


Ty SegallPhoto: Josh Lovseth
Ty Segall

Unless you’ve been reading our Daily Choice column, Ty Segall might be the most interesting rock and roller you’ve not yet heard of. Riding high on a few years worth of prolific collaborations and recordings, he’s distinguished himself as one of the Bay Area’s garage and roll kingpins, a purveyor of beautiful noise he’s forever stirring up mischief in his wake.

Thus “Comic Sans?!?!” was the appropriately incredulous cry from the front row at Ty Segall’s name inartfully represented on the Sub Pop stage’s digital backdrop. Mudhoney had their name in logo form, as did Blitzen Trapper and a host of others. Ty Segall on the other-hand got the church flyer font. I was incredulous too. It was bullshit. But it was also an ironic amusement chewed to pieces in an ensuing forty five minutes of head whips, crowd surfing and clanging chords. And so the storming of the Key Arena floor for M83 wasn’t the only barely controlled chaos to happen that afternoon (see also: Foxy Shazam).

Ty Segall BandPhoto: Josh Lovseth
Ty Segall Band
Ty SegallPhoto: Josh Lovseth
Ty Segall
Ty Segall's PitPhoto: Josh Lovseth
Ty Segall's Pit
Ty SegallPhoto: Josh Lovseth
Ty Segall


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