August 31, 2012

Local Video Round-Up with Macklemore, Posse and Shenandoah Davis


It was a busy week for local videos with Macklemore, Posse and Shenandoah Davis releasing brand new ones. Macklemore’s video for his new song “Thrift Shop” celebrating his love of bargain bins and highlighting the sly sense of humor he was first known for, already has over half a million views in less than a week. Mack may be a hometown hero, but he sure isn’t a Seattle secret anymore.

While neither Posse nor Shenandoah Davis’ new videos have a fraction of the views of Thrift Shop, both “Sarah” and “Sewn Tight” are worth a few minutes of your time. Posse’s “Sarah” is a vindictive trip through a high school year book, while Shenandoah’s video for “Sewn Tight,” one of my favorite songs of her last release, was filmed while she was visiting and playing in New Zealand.


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