August 29, 2012

Kathleen’s Bumbershoot Plans: SuperSoaker Hydration, The Vaselines, Leaving Her Heart at Key Arena & More


Best CoastPhoto: Josh Lovseth
Best Coast

Last year at Bumbershoot, I was floored by Mavis Staples, cooled off with a KEXP Pickwick session, and did not drink enough water.

So this year. Water. A lot of it. I will be wearing a Camelback, sporting two jumbo SuperSoakers, and probably stealing water from kids, because you know…I outweigh them by like 90 pounds and can run way faster. But only if I hydrate.

I’m getting excited as well as hydrated for this year’s line up. I may be doing some set-splitting to fit in all the artists I want to see. If you want to come have a SuperSoaker fight with me, this is where I’ll be:


11-Noon: Spending the money that I also definitely don’t have with Abbey at Flatstock

12:15: TacocaT (Sub Pop Stage)

1: Don’t Talk to the Cops! (Fisher Green)

1:45: Unnatural Helpers (Sub Pop Stage)

2:15: Skerik’s Bandalabra (Mural Amphitheater)

Guys, I don’t know what this is. I read the description, and it said it’s going to evoke “Fela Kuti seeing Steve Reich in rock ‘n roll’s backyard” and that made me feel a lot of different things, so I am going to work this out in person. All I know is that if I hear a minimalist rendition of “Zombie” I might just pass out.

3:15: Gotye (Mainstage)

I’m mainly going to see if I can run up to him, poke him, and yell the phonetic (incorrect) pronunciation of his stage name as I run away to see if he’ll engage in a medieval version of tag.

3:30: Sera Cahoone (Sub Pop Stage)

4:15: King Khan and the Shrines (Fisher Green)

Come to this if you want spandex jumpsuits. And dirty rock. And, following logic, dirty spandex jumpsuits.

5:15: THEESatisfaction (Sub Pop Stage)

6: The Heavy (Fisher Green)

7:30: Alela Diane (The Promenade)

7:45: City and Colour (Fisher Green)

9: Damien Jurado (The Promenade)

9:30: The Jayhawks (Mural Amphitheater)

9:45: M. Ward (Fisher Green)



11- Noon: Trying to sell rudimentary drawings at Flatstock to make back the money I spent on Saturday at Flatstock.

12: Gold Leaves (Sub Pop Stage)

1: WHY? (Exhibition Hall)

1:45: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings (Mainstage)

2:45: Barcelona (Exhibition Hall)

I normally say no to bands named after geographic locations (see: Europe, Kansas, Boston), but Barcelona is worth attention. Join me.

3:15: Tony Bennett (Mainstage)


3:45-4:15: Recovering after leaving heart in San Francisco, and also probably hydrating.

5: Fruit Bats (Sub Pop Stage)

6:15: The Promise Ring (Exhibition Hall)

6:45: Mudhoney (Sub Pop Stage)

8:30: Blitzen Trapper (Sub Pop Stage)


11-Noon: Record Store (Seattle Center Pavilion)

A record store with everything to listen to but nothing to sell- the ultimate vinyl exploration in curation. And I want to find a Kriss Kross album and make everyone at Bumbershoot listen to it.

12: Seapony (Sub Pop Stage)

1: Reignwolf (Mural Amphitheater)

1:45: Best Coast (Mainstage)

BRB, just want to see if Bethany Cosentino’s bangs have gotten more whimsical.

3:15: Ty Segall (Sub Pop Stage)

4: Radio Disney AM 1250 (Kids Zone)

You wish you knew if I was kidding.

4:30: The Wombats (Exhibition Hall)

5: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (Sub Pop Stage)

6: Bryan John Appleby (The Promenade)

6:45: Low (Sub Pop Stage)

8:30: The Vaselines (Sub Pop Stage)

Seriously, perhaps most excited about seeing The Vaselines.

Alright everyone. Put on the widest of brims and grins, and I’ll see you at the bottom of Queen Anne! Dance with me! Or look awkwardly away from me when we’re in the same food cart line! Anything goes!


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