July 24, 2012

Karl Blau, Apollo Ghosts, Baby Eagle, & Blanket Truth at Hollow Earth Radio


Apollo Ghosts ::: photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

Being of a fairly rigorous scientific mindset, I don’t generally hold much truck with the concept of fate, but Friday evening’s concert experience had the F-word smeared all over it. A last-minute awareness of an unpublicized addition to a bill, the absence of traffic and green lights upon green lights, sailing to the CD on a sunny afternoon and finding free street parking on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE BLESSED ROAD! — these things conspired to lead me, anxious and happy, to the best show I’ve seen all year.

Into the tiny confines of Hollow Earth Radio poured four bands and a small legion of smiling fans, the kind of fans who left their inhibitions at the door with their five-dollar bills and made it rain sweat and joy as Blanket Truth, Baby Eagle, Apollo Ghosts, and Karl Blau echoed their music off the walls and the ceiling and sometimes ran it out into the street and back. Though the artists on the bill only kind of meshed musically, what they all had in common was loads and loads of fucking HEART, and if there was a grinch in that room he was cured Friday night.

Blanket Truth ::: photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

Baby Eagle ::: photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

Apollo Ghosts ::: photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

Apollo Ghosts ::: photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

Karl Blau ::: photo by Brittney Bush Bollay

More beautiful photos from Brittney of this fateful night can be found on her Flickr.


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