July 19, 2012

Reverb Fest 2012: Bringing Super Groups & A Solid Local Line-Up to Ballard Ave.


Cosmic Pantherland Band ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

Josh reported this morning on Slack Fest as being our ideal version of a summer Festival. But when it comes to an ideal local music festival, I have to nominate Seattle Weekly’s annual Reverb Fest. Held every October on Ballard Avenue, Reverb Fest offers an inexpensive, curated introduction to what’s happening right now in local music. The festival transcends genres, offering a little something for everyone whether you like Ballard Avenue twang, hip hop, garage punk, power pop, or metal. For just $10-$15 you have the chance to discover a couple new favorite bands and see some old favorites, all within a convenient couple block radius. For this reason, it is, year after year, one of my favorite events and days.

This year’s Reverb will be held October 6th and features one of the Fest’s strongest line-ups to date. I’m especially excited to see a couple Seattle supergroups names on the line-up: “The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World” (featuring members of The Blood Brothers and Wayfinders) and Cosmic Pantherland Band (featuring members of The Moondoggies, The Maldives and more playing cosmic country). Other acts I’m eager to catch at Reverb this year include: Country Lips (traditional country covers and originals, that wowed at Slack Fest), Erik Blood stepping from behind the boards and on stage, Hardly Art’s Grave Babies, the sultry songs of Prom Queen, the heady raps of OCNotes, the psychedelic drone of Midday Veil, the sweet songs of Shannon Stephens and a trio of Good to Die bands: Brokaw, Monogamy Party and Deadkill.

Arrington De Dionyso / Ayron Jones & The Way / BOAT / Brain Fruit / Brokaw / Brothers From Another / Chocolate Chuck / Christina Bautista / Cosmic Pantherland Band / Country Lips / Deadkill / Erik Blood / Eugenie Jones / Full Toilet / Gabriel Mintz / Grave Babies / Haunted Horses / Kithkin / Lifestyles Of The Poor & Unknown / Midday Veil / Monogamy Party / Naomi Punk / No Rey / Noeula / OCnotes / Posse / Prom Queen / Rachel Harrington / Secret Colors / Shannon Stephens / Shelby Earl / Side Saddle / Soul Senate / Spoonshine / Sweet Pups / Sweetwater / The Chasers / The Crow Quill Night Owls / The Greatest Rock N Roll Band In The World / The Shivering Denizens / The Wheelies / Ticktockman

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    It would be great if Reverb had a real comedy stage this year, rather than treating comedians as MC’s only for music acts.

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