June 25, 2012

Win Tickets To K-Holes in San Francisco!


K-Holes new album Dismania is, how you might say, blistering. As in the combination of sounds that screech out of your speakers when playing the album leaves blisters on the delicate surface of your ear drums. Listen long enough and these water filled beauties might just show up on your brain.

That said, their live show is supposed to¬†exponentially crazier and because Hardly Art is good label full of good people, we’re giving you the chance to win a pair of tickets to see K-Holes in San Francisco on June 26th (that’s tomorrow kiddies) at Brick & Mortar Music Hall.

Respond in the comments with your definition of a K-Hole and I’ll pick my 3 favorites (the first wins the tickets, the second and third a copy of K-Holes album Dismania). Names will be picked tomorrow morning!

It should be a fine and thrashy show, so, er, start your engines.

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  1. Matt #

    K-hole n. the slot where the ward nurse inserts a K and slides the door lock in place, starting the spray can-wielding woman in the Rats video on a slow journey to a less tortured state of mind

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