June 22, 2012

Vacationer – Gone



With such a cold start to this Seattle summer, it’s hard to know what music will fit me. Electro-pop could be mockingly bright, sparse empty shoegaze could meld me too tightly to the expanse of gray outside, folk music could too easily keep me in bed all day. This girl has things to do, places to be, papers to file, and still wants to hold on to the hope of hot days dripping down into navy blue midnights as soft and warm as velvet.

This is why I’m very glad I have Vacationer’s debut album Gone with me now.

Running on the pulse of steady, slow building percussion on a tapestry of tiny clicks and the pitter patter of rim taps, Vasoli’s pleading melodies have conversations with ethereal choirs, and lace together string samples and electro-harp with a bright, contemplative freshness. Every time songs like the impossibly catchy “Good As New” seem to dip into the shiny pool of anthemic summer pop, a heady dose of reverberating bass tethers it to the wistful nostalgia of someone writing songs as much about what he hopes for, as what he has lost and still holds on to.

There is a bright thread of genuine joy through this record- a tinkering and experimenting with clatter and feedback and whole landscapes of noises that could have been picked up by a mic too close to the kitchen window. It’s the Frankenstein’s creature of pop- full of a thousand moving parts, all not knowing exactly where they’re moving to, but sticking together in the most curiously beautiful way. Much like we all are now- staring out our windows, rain pouring down, surrounded by sound, by a swirling, wide-eyed mixture of fear and hope, and our own possibilities for the season ahead.

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