June 4, 2012

In Tribute to Jason Molina this Tuesday at Barboza




Under what I wish were better circumstances a group of Seattle musicians is doing what they can to help a fellow songwriter by singing his songs. Known as Songs:Ohia, Magnolia Electric Company, Pyramid Electric Company or simply as Jason Molina, since 1997 with the support of Secretly Canadian Molina’s been pursuing his own vision of American music, often working with Steve Albini and sometimes releasing multiple records in a year. A few years back his band Magnolia Electric Co. lost it’s bassist to a house fire, and following a tour in his honor this previously prolific figure essentially wasn’t heard from since. In the time that’s past folks have learned of Molina retreating from view to recover his own well-being.

As a close follower of his music, it’s certainly no surprise to me that Molina is no stranger to struggle. Songs:Ohia and his voice therein is a document of tortured soul, one searching for meaning among pain. As I explored my own internal turmoil along with him over the course of years, I learned many of these songs myself singing alone in my bedroom, and as a result to this day I probably know more Jason Molina songs on guitar than any other single artist. If I still feel his songs deeply in my bones, I rarely ever play those songs with the fervor I used to. Though that time of struggle is largely past for me, it’s not yet for Molina himself.

Hearing of Molina’s situation local music scholar and scribe Mark Baumgarten (seen his Song Show or his new K Records History?) gathered local musicians with a similar reverence and this Tuesday June 5th at Barboza are saluting Molina’s career and sending all proceeds to his medical fund. We’re pleased to see a bevy of familiar faces among the lineup including Pickwick and Cataldo.

Tickets are $8 ahead of time online, or $10 at the door.


Hit us up.

  1. Howdy everyone — this is Jason Groth, guitarist from Magnolia Electric Co. Thanks for doing this. After we lost Evan we did spend 2008/2009 touring and recording the album Josephine, in tribute to him. Thanks for what you’re doing for Jason.

  2. Thanks for the note Jason. I’m sad to have completely missed the the Josephine tour.

  3. Well, hopefully one of these days we’ll be making our way back out to you!

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