May 8, 2012

Brittney’s Occasional Choice: Wintersleep – “Nothing Is Anything (Without You)”




Seattle’s summer might still be two months away, but the summer music season has certainly begun, as evidenced by this jangly head-bopper of a love song from Halifax’s Wintersleep.



True, there are undertones of creepy – “I took my bike, I broke the lock on your door / I wanna stay if it’s alright” – but you can ignore them if that’s what you’re into and just let the simplicity of the chorus catch you. “I can’t live my life without you babe / Nothing is anything without you babe / Nothing is anything without you babe.” Summer lovin’, happens at last.


Wintersleep plays the next Sound on the Sound Presents show at Columbia City Theater on June 1. Their fifth album, Hello Hum, comes out June 12 on Capitol/EMI.


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