March 26, 2012

Sauna’s “Glitter Party”


Boise was a Trip in more than just a travel sense, though that eight hour drive is beyond long. Had I adherred anywhere close to the limit of 65MPH it would have been more like ten hours. More on that later this week, but since it was such a long drive through multiple mountain ranges and needed to be back in town Monday I couldn’t hang around for Sunday’s Treefort festivities which included a number of bands I was still interested in hearing. One such band is Denver’s Sauna, hotly-tipped to me by a few folks with a taste for pop. Their video for the song “Glitter Party” feeds nicely into the youth driven energy of Treefort Fest so I’m sad to have missed it.

This week Seattle is catching Sauna on an upswing through the Northwest when they visit Chop Suey on Wednesday opening for Rubblebucket. The show is unfortunately not all-ages.


Hit us up.

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