March 22, 2012

The Daily Choice: Bo Diddley – I Don’t Like You


Three things I have learned from listening to just one song off of Bo Diddley’s psych masterpiece Black Gladiator:

1. Light In The Attic Records no matter what you hide yourself as (Modern Classic Recordings, Cinewax, or Future Days) you wiley clydes you, are top three greatest curators of forgotten music in the last ten years. Do not ask me the names of the other two or even the seven below them because I will just scoff with ignorance. Just know that if an association with Light In The Attic is felt you should buy the album on feeling alone.

2. Bo Diddley is not some old man that sat on a chair and played the blues, he is a strange strange robot creature that crafts music pulled from a future world where music is made by jive-talking space machines and everyone has silver afros.

3. You haven’t heard anything until Bo Diddley sings “I don’t like you” in a strangled operatic tone before being rebuked by what seems to be a drugged out groupie. Nothing, nothing at all.

Light In The Attic subsidiary Future Days is reissuing Black Gladiator on CD only. Find it, buy it, revel in it’s strange historical context.

Bo Diddley – I Don’t Like You

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  1. kirk huffman #

    this is THE ONE record i paid up the ying-yang for an original european release copy of…

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