March 19, 2012

The Daily Choice: Monster Treasure – Our Minds


There has been more than a few times on The Daily Choice that I’ve railed against the aping of styles that has become so predominant in the evolution of music. We no longer listen to original ideas but rather the transparent shadows of what has come before. At times it works, but for the most part I’ve felt like bands are trying so hard to transport me back to a certain time period that it feels as if I’m listening to a cover band that’s started to pen some original material. It gets old, quickly.

What I will never tire of though is the sticky hand in the rock ‘n’ roll cookie jar. The idea of solid rock and roll seems to be a theme that I’ve been harping on as of late, but in a time of 80s lo-fi beat wizards and the return of house music, it needs to be addressed. You can pull as much as you want from the rock and roll pile as long as your gracing the world with solid song writing and enough energy to melt your face off. Monster Treasure I kneel before your ability to knock these simple concepts straight out of the fucking park. I’ve loved everything I’ve heard from this Stockton-based trio and the six-song EP they just released is no different. Gritty, grimy, possibly recorded in a shed in a back yard – consider this convert, converted … again.

You can pick up the whole great album right HERE, for free.

Monster Treasure – Our Minds

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