March 5, 2012

Yellingham Announce 2012 Kickstarter



Yellingham ::: Photo by Sarah Wettleson

Shout at the Devil. Howl at the moon. Scream at your parents. Tell them to shove off for refusing to pay for your cellular phone bill any longer. They don’t know what it’s like to be an irresponsible twentysomething in this economy. Ah yes, the dire situation that is our national finances and all that entails. The allusion to our broken perfunctory economic climate is timeless, much like expiration date on Heinz ketchup or the generic pharmaceuticals you’ve forgotten in your cupboard.

Yelling is a timeless activity. Before people could become too old to play fast music and start folk bands, yelling was all there was to do. When (wo)man invited fire, what do you think the celebration sounded like? It was a series of primitive grunts and screams. When Europeans were dying by the millions because of the Black Death, how do you think they went out to pasture? It wasn’t with a “woe is me” status update on Facebook.  When George Washington crossed the frigid Delaware river to kill a bunch of fucking red coats armed representatives of a formerly tyrannical nation that continues exhibit questionable taste in cuisine, what do you think he did? He didn’t write a handwritten letter with a bunch of these things “!”. No ma’am, Mr. Washington screamed bloody murder because he knew he and his wooden teeth would go down in the annals of history as victorious.

“Now that I have slit the throats of many, many, men who were undeserving of the lives they lived…Why would I use an Instagram to alert you of my spoils?” – George “Fucking” Washington

The good people that coordinate the Yellingham Music Fest on an annual basis are historians of the highest caliber and shrewd marketers. They realize the importance of screaming until your lungs bleed. How else is it that they met their fundraising goal within 24 hours? Generosity from the public? Perhaps. Nonsense. They get great bands like Helmes Alee, Baltic Cousins, RVIVR, Grenades, Livingston Seagull and Cat From Hue and lock them in someone else’s living room. They force these bands to play an entire set of music before they can have access to food, water or even a bathroom break.* All this happens while you (the concert attendee) get to eat free pancakes each and every morning. The nerve of some people…

You want to be a part of history? You’re possibly American, of course you do! Go to the Yellingham Kickstarter page and donate all of your tips (because each and every one of us works in the service industry). Do know that you’re supporting a festival that is completely donation based, takes place over the course of several days, hosts around 50 bands in the living rooms of strangers and is booze/drug free (music is still fun sober, guys). Every dollar they earn through Kickstarter will go to bands who play the fest, either directly or through the proceeds of Yellingham merch which they will be creating with donations.

Go here if you want more information. The festival is scheduled to take place in various Bellingham (duh) locations on April 13th, 14th and 15th. Get in on this gravy train now before it’s bought out by LiveNation and is relocated to the Gorge (I hear there’s an open date the weekend after Cruefest).

*Writer’s Note – Bands are not actually held in captivity against their will.

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