February 28, 2012

The Daily Choice: Martyr Privates – Bless


The Daily Choice Headquarters have been a dark, doomy, gloomy place as of late. I’ve been dipping my head pretty frequently back in to the old Black Angels’ tank and consequentially my thirst for big, thudding psych-rock has been at an all time high. Martyr Privates, a Brisbane-based group of psych kids, fits the bill perfectly. Big, sludgy, repetition that just keeps coming at you like Tiger of Intensity, all bared teeth and cymbal crashes. At some point, the drudge of it all becomes almost soothing, a sonic backwash that just lets you lay your head down and drift off in to psychedelia.

Martyr Privates have  a 7″ out now Bon Voyage.

“Bless” – Martyr Privates (7″) by bnvyge


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