February 23, 2012

The Daily Choice: The Band in Heaven – Sleazy Dreams


The Band in Heaven, as a moniker, makes me think of Richard Danko and Richard Manuel smoking joints on a poofy cloud with a stereotypical bearded God figure tsking them from atop his bigger, more lightning bolted cloud. As always (literally always) The Band in Heaven throws my tinny expectations on the ground. This has nothing to do with alt-country forefathers, this is pulsing, fist pumping, face-kicking psych rock in all its uncheck, uncouth glory. The motorcycle-engine bass-line, the whine of sound that pushes it all forward, the feeling that some psych vacuum has been punched in to the atmosphere, and this hurtling bit of rock is what comes whistling on out.

The 7″ for this song and it’s drone-core sibling “Sludgy Dreams” is out on HoZac now.

The Band in Heaven – Sleazy Dreams


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