February 21, 2012

Dave Bazan Has a New Band: Overseas


Dave Bazan ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

While we don’t know what they sound like, what their album is called, when it will be released, or well, ANYTHING — we do know that Dave Bazan has a new band called “Overseas.” We stumbled on their mysterious website today and found a few tweets with no more details given, which makes us even more curious than we would be … which is very curious indeed.

We’ll keep you posted on just what Overseas is, when and how they’ll be releasing an album and more details when we know … until then, we’re gonna have fun imagining what’s to come.



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  1. Ha ha at first I thought the title meant that David Bazan had a new band except that it existed overseas. I was sad. Then I realized it meant that was the name of his new band and I am happy! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Sweet! Anything from Dave Bazan is worthwhile.

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