February 9, 2012

The Daily Choice: George Morgan – All Right


Let’s just keep it coming country this week. I just recently discovered, thanks to the amazing website Uncle Gil, The Best of Country Western which is a treasure chest of gleaming country gold and four of the five Daily Choices will be culled from that amazing album or at least from an artist discovered on that album. Today it’s George Morgan, another sad-voiced crooner, and his track “All Right”. The song sticks out because it emphasizes the gallows humor so many of this early country folk were skilled at. Oh sure, the dogs been stolen, your wife is diddling the mailman and the paperboy, and you’re about to bet your last ten dollars on no-win poker – but you’re also drunk as a skunk and having a damn good time doing so. The abyss looms close, but you’re stepping off the edge with a shit-eating grin stitched to your mug.

George Morgan’s “All Right” or is about the crumbling of a marriage with one man trying to hold on to the institution and one woman trying to break it down to divorce town. The chorus, “All right, I’ll sign the papers” is such a twang-heavy resignation of the truth, that I break in to a grin every time I hear it. George Morgan is a sad man, but there’s a cigarette and a big, frosty glass of whiskey waiting somewhere.

George Morgan – All Right


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