January 26, 2012

Red Fang Continues Their Reign of Awesome Music Videos


No band in the Pacific Northwest (or America or the World for that matter) are making more consistently kick ass videos than Portland’s Red Fang. You can add today’s just released video for “Hank is Dead” to “Wires” and “Prehistoric Dog” in their canon of awesomeness.

And while it might seem counter-intuitive for bands to spend so much time and attention to videos without as many large scale outlets like MTV for them to be played on, Red Fang should teach other bands a valuable lesson. Based on their description, I might have never picked up a Red Fang album or sought out the band live. But thanks to their memorable music videos, I’m a devoted fan, I spend money on their vinyl and know not to miss a concert. The age of the music video isn’t over, its just changed. And if videos like “Hank is Dead” and “Wires” and “Prehistoric Dog” are still being made, I can hardly complain.

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  1. Great video! Thanks for the heads up on Red Fang and the tip. It is always great to hear how and why someone has become a fan of a band.

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