January 24, 2012

More Devils, in Pink and White



Though you still might be able to snag a physical 7″ of the first new music by the Murder City Devils in a decade down at Sonic Boom in Ballard, via the band’s own online store they went like the proverbial hotcakes. (Or maybe weedcakes?) In “Every Day I Rise” Moody laments “Every day I rise and nobody cares, I’ve got no disciples to scare.” I think he might have a few disciples to scare yet.

“Every Day I Rise” proves those 10 years have done nothing to soften Spencer Moody’s wild-eyed delivery or leering perspective. Still plenty scary. It’s classically styled MCD, tetering back and forth between in-control and out of control, confronting the certainty of living day-to-day and the uncertainty of our methods. For “Ball Busters in the Peanut Gallery” the organ comes out front, less spooky than uplifting it beds Moody’s similarly self-reflective dirge that favors melody over chaos. This second song feels an unusual combination for the band, and probably as close to their dabbling in indie rock textures as we’re likely to see, but it works.

So far in 2012 the only scheduled date for the band is a February 3rd date in Portland. $20 will get you a ticket to the appropriately named Dantes as the Murder City Devils are joined by P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. and Sassparilla.


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  1. JD #

    That first link goes to some sort of weird coupon site.

  2. Weird JD, fixed! Thanks for the heads up!

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