December 1, 2011

The Sea and Cake at the Crocodile Friday Night



The Sea and Cake ::: Photo by Megan Holmes

As the opening guitar intro to “Monday” creeps slowly from my central processing unit into my cheap Sony headphones, I can’t help but smile and nod my head to its jazzy, infectious groove. In a world where nothing seems to be certain (Except for the retail hysteria associated with Black Friday, THESEARETOWELSOHMYLANTA.), there’s one thing that I can promise you…

The Sea and Cake is always going to put out a solid album. I’ve been a staunch supporter of this group since “Parasol” became one of my favorite songs many moons ago.  May their committment to excellence consistency be applauded and serve as an example to any human being that thinks twice about unleashing their megalomania musical talent onto an unsuspecting world.

The Moonlight Butterfly sounds like you would expect (why ruin a good a thing after all these years?) but there is a slight difference to feel of these songs. “Covers” sounds like soundtrack to a cinematic sequence in which you are running a race you can never win. The song accelerates while the textures and layers that serve to enhance the song serve as a subtle reminder that you are actually standing still. “Lyric” is vintage The Sea and Cake but with an array synthesizers and acoustic guitar tracks that make the song much more mesmerizing than its predecessors.

Gentle reader, don’t hate me for saying this. The Sea and Cake really cater to my “jam band” eccentric needs with this album. They take a great idea, put it on a hot-air balloon and just let it float off into the atmosphere. You can check your watch but why would you want to? There’s no hurry. “Inn Keeping” clocks in at over ten minutes but it only feels like a third of its length. Hit play the next time your stuck in an ungodly long line at Trader Joe’s. Watch that mother of three disappear along with her 34 frozen dinners, army of toiletries, legion of lunchables and various other items that have been purchased in bulk and require an item code to buy.


Sound on the Sound is also giving away tickets for you and a friend to go to the Croc on Friday Night and watch The Sea and Cake. Comment on this post (with reasons why you want to see Sam Prekop and Co.) if you want to win. Also on the bill are Elba and Lia Aces. The show starts at 8pm. Tickets at $13 in advance.


Hit us up.

  1. I pretty much grew-up on Sam Prekop’s jams. Songs and albums are tied to many a memory, from late teenage years to early twenties. I’ve never heard his stuff live and am extremely looking forward to this show (still need tickets though ::hint hint::).

  2. phil #

    Philippe – Excellent name. You are the winner.

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