November 10, 2011

Someone Else Talking: Jean Yaste, Future Twin


Someone Else Talking finds us harassing a musician long enough that they cough up the fascinating gems that are their current inspirations.  Be it music or food or film or folly, we want to know what’s getting these people up in the morning.  And because we want to know, you get to read about it.

I discovered Future Twin because a good friend of mine briefly played bass for the band.  I continued listening to the band because of avante-pop awesomeness like their song “Lockits” and the intriguing onstage presence of Jean Yaste, the primary song writer and lead singer.  Sometimes Future Twin sounds like garage rubbing shoulders with your weird aunt who has pipe cleaners in her hair and smells vaguely of strong chemicals and sometimes it sounds like Jean Yaste’s surprisingly big voice being shouted from the bare oddness of a stark mountaintop.  Whatever it sounds like it’s interesting and oft times challenging and I was more than excited when Ms. Yaste reached out, excited to put together a Someone Else Talking for me.

Future Twin will be playing at Engine Works in San Francisco with The Mallard, Dead Eyes and Our Brother The Native this Saturday the 12th.

At that, the inspirations of Future Twin’s Jean Yaste.

Future Twin – Situation

a muse is a funny thing. sometimes its a friend you love with a drinking problem so bad you have to buy them a cab home several times a week. sometimes its a few words your mother spoke to you when you were only five but you remember them crystal clear your entire life.

i’m influenced sonically by whatever i’m listening to, from intentional music to random street sounds. i have a field recording of a mission mocking bird that was making dump truck and cell phone noises near my backyard. i like to think of myself as a sonic anthropologist: taking in clues and rendering them together in a sonic medium, about the people i know, telling their stories. like a modern oral history, that you can tap your feet to. a sonic stamp of a time and place and people.

my friend yuka ezoe is a HUGE influence on future twin. she named our band and makes a bunch of our flyers and is doing the album art for our debut release on log lady records. she’s a super talented visual artist and works at precita eyes doing murals all over the city. we wrote a song about her called “yuka.” she’s also one the founders of the lockits, an all girl moped gang we started here in sf. “lockits” is another future twin song.

Future Twin – Yuka

recently i’ve been digging animals and men (late 70s briitsh post punk band), that my bandmate mindo introduced me to. they have this song ‘treasure of the damned’ that’s so creepy and dark and has this amazing bass line. they sing about the future and good manners and oligarchies.

also been listening to a lot of fela kuti, just lately, but what else is new. it’s good music to get yourself riled up to bring down the ruling class. yeah, i care about what happens to my community and to america. someone smarter than me recently said ‘giving a shit is the new not giving a shit.’ these are poignant times…

i’m reading a book called “collectivism after modernism” that’s a collection of essays about different ways that people pool resources, more in the fine art context. it’s interesting to learn that art collectives were often the original inception of “dematerialization” which is a shift away from object based art, like…fuck the precious shiny object. fuck having an expensive house to hang something pretty but useless on the wall. i’ve recently been hanging out with a few large format sculptors who make work that’s a combination of form and function, and then there’s a whole gamut of thought surrounding private property, temporary autonomous zones, participatory and inadvertent collectivism, unitary urbanism, the festival as the grotesque, suspension of heirarchy, etc. etc. perhaps that’s for another interview though.

i’m delving into many of these ideas thanks to my cohort and collaborator taj robinson. she is a big influence and co-runs a new mission art space called parse. we are co-writing a photo book about temporary art spaces across america, for which she will also supply the beautiful and telling pictures.

last but certainly not least i am extremely influenced by local music. i love my friends and i love when things are new and fresh and pure (haha who doesn’t?) but you know what i mean, sometimes when a band gets big their music changes, because their inspiration does. i think it’s important to stay local and small on purpose, to always stay active in your community no matter how old/big/deep you get. some new locals bands i’m really digging right now are Deep Teens, the Bleak Ethnique, the Mallard. Also Colored Girls are pretty awesome, they’re from oakland.

well now i’m about to blow up a raft and go float on some lake in minneapolis, on a self-imposed wilderness sojourn, although i’m hiding out in the city. sometimes i think cities are simply bastions of an electro wilderness. after our tape release show nov. 12 at engine works, i’m thinking of leaving for india to motorcycle across the country with another gang friend, one of the OG treats, brandi wallace. i hope i can find a solar powered speaker set so i can put on some guerrilla style shows in new delhi. we’ll see.

thanks for your support noah!


jean Future Twin


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