November 1, 2011

Win Tickets to See My Brightest Diamond, Kelli Schaefer & Cataldo at Cathedrals 2



When starting something new, the Field of Dreams question always lingers. If you build it, will they come? As far as baseball fields in Costner movies and the Fremont Abbey’s new Cathedrals concert series, that answer is a resounding yes. Over 500 people attended Cathedrals 1 featuring some seriously goose-bump making sets by Mychal and Melodie of Campfire OK, The Gundersen Family, Grant Olsen of Gold Leaves and Nouela Johnston of People Eating People. People sat on pews and cross legged on pillows and blankets as harmonies bounced off high gothic ceilings in a manner that reverb-pedals only dream of.

So for round two of Cathedrals, the folks at the Fremont Abbey have decided to go even bigger inviting My Brightest Diamond, Kelli Schaefer and Cataldo to perform in this unique setting. My Brightest Diamond (Shara Worden) is perhaps best known for singing back up for Sufjan Stevens and The Decemeberists, but her solo albums of jaunty, twisting operatic pop is perfect for the soaring ceilings and grand stage of St. Mark’s. Portland’s Kelli Schaefer, knows a thing or two about utilizing the natural reverb of a room for maximum impact. And I can’t think of a place I’m more excited to see Cataldo and Eric Anderson’s deft and clever songwriting showcased than this. (If you haven’t spent many afternoons with Prison Boxing yet, you should fix that before Saturday.)

Courtesy of our friends at The Fremont Abbey, we’ve got two pairs of tickets to Cathedrals: 2 for some lucky readers to win. All we ask is you leave a comment with your dream Cathedrals performer below (and use your real email address) and we’ll let the winner’s know by 5pm on Thursday November 3rd. Then we’ll see you on a pew this Saturday.

And if you need any further convincing of how stunning this Saturday is going to be, here are a couple videos from Cathedrals 1.


Hit us up.

  1. Brandon Day #

    Drew Grow & The Pastors Wives, Damien Jurado tie.

  2. After watching the Gunderson family’s version of the CSNY song, I can’t help but think about what it would be like to see Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young in such a setting. So, um, that’s my answer!

  3. Craig #


  4. Denise #

    The head and the heart had an amazing doe bay session, it would exciting to see what they would do here.

  5. dream Cathedrals performers (national): The Civil Wars, Josh Ritter, Coyote Grace
    dream Cathedrals performers (local): Lemolo, Tony Kevin Jr, Star Anna

    also, COUGHCOUGHtheshowisonmybirthdayCOUGHCOUGH


  6. Bee #

    Local: David Bazan
    Non-local: Leonard Cohen

  7. Jessica #

    Dream: David Bazan or James Vincent McMorrow

    absolutely thrilled to return to St. Marks for an incredible night with Cataldo, Kelli Schaefer, & My Brightest Diamond! And Prison Boxing is rich, just what the music world needs this fall. Give it a listen :)

  8. Ben #


  9. Rebecca #

    After hearing Pickwick in Suzz, I would love to see them play a Cathedral show.

  10. Amanda #

    Pretty excited to hear My Brightest Diamond & Kellie Schaefer, but the ultimate would be Leslie Feist, Justin Vernon, Sufjan Stevens, Jonsi.

  11. David Goode #

    How about Galen Disston and Allen Stone performing a duet? That would be amazing!

  12. Kevin Pittman #

    Elk and Boar, saw them at Doe Bay and several times since, they already have a gospel sound to their music that would fit into the cathedral nicely.

  13. Wendy #

    Kelli Schaefer is pretty much my dream come true, but Sharon Van Ettan is a close second!

  14. Catherine #

    For local music I would love to see Galen from Pickwick or Damien at Cathedrals.
    For national I have to say Josh Ritter, Joe Pug, or the Tallest Man on Earth

  15. Lisa Pod #

    Pickwick acapella or Loch Lomond.

  16. Aaron #

    Pearly Gate Music

  17. Dan #

    Local pick: Hey Marseilles
    U.S. pick: The Lumineers
    International pick: Laura Marling

  18. Jeanne Franklin #

    My dream show would be Glen Hansard, Noah & Abby Gunderson, Lemolo, Youth Rescue Mission and The Head and the Heart.

  19. Going by the acoustics, I’d have to go with one of these picks: My Brightest Diamond, Kelli Schaefer or Damien Jurado.

  20. Katherine #

    This is the BEST CONTEST EVER! Shara Worden = the fun aunt/older sister of my fantasies.

    Dream performer: Pickwick. (Or maybe just Galen. And only me in the audience.)

    And why not Fleet Foxes?! Or what about Wye Oak…the xx also gives one of the most purely musical performances I’ve ever heard.

  21. Lizy reierson #

    Make the mazzy star comeback show happen! I’d also love to hear bill Callahan perform @ the cathedral.

  22. Faith Stevens #

    Andrew Bird

  23. Danny Connelly #

    Let’s get Lemolo to do the next one.

  24. chris rusk #

    i cant wait to see Kelli Schaefer this Friday at Doug Fir and I’m definitely gonna be the prettiest one there.

  25. Ed Chism #

    The Mountain Goats or Iron & Wine. Thanks.

  26. gwillie #

    I’d like to see emma lee from Canada and keven long who is local.

  27. Lyndsey #

    Alive: Bon Iver (Justin Vernon)
    Dead: Jeff Buckley!

  28. Thanks for all your awesome entries and suggestions, this contest is now closed and the lucky winners have been notified!

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