November 1, 2011

The Doe Bay Sessions: Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside


Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

Photo by Josh Lovseth

Oregonians Adam and Eve and their son Donovan were just finishing packing up their campsite on Saturday afternoon as we rolled up and set up shop mid-trail. They’d spent the previous weekend in the woods for Pickathon and after a second weekend in a row among nature were now ready to find their own bed again. There was time for one more performance though, since it was Sallie Ford they’d come to see after all. Or that Donavan had come to see rather. That we’d chosen just that spot at just that time was Doe Bay magic in full effect for that little boy. The week prior Ford and Co. had been on Letterman in front of millions, but now they were happily stomping their feet in the dirt on a trail in front of one lucky superfan.

Jaunty strums and catchy chorus’ counteract the often dark themes in Ford’s lyrics and the two songs played in this session are no exception. Ford and band make bad situations danceable and takes the sting out with call-and-response harmonies and a rhythm to move to. From the opening moments of “Cage,” the second song in this Doe Bay Session, the “doo-doo-doo” harmonies and the bouncing shoulders we get the sense that the best way to deal with the devil is to have your fun in spite of him.




Friday November 18th Sallie Ford kicks off a round of East Coast and European dates with a send off show at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, where they’ll be joined by Seattle’s Pickwick.


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  1. Darth Vader #

    Sallie is a badass.

  2. Awe. Some. Lucky boy, indeed!

  3. Been waiting for this one! Sallie has one of the most unique deliveries in rock music. Thanks!

  4. Nate Biehl #

    Major, major, MEGA props to your audio engineers! The sound on these two song is un-friggin-believable, especially the upright bass. What a treat. Fantastic work!

  5. Ryan #

    What’s the name of the first song!?

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