November 1, 2011

Send a Seattle Band to Austin, Vote on popchips Pop Up Live Videos



The finalists from each city have been chosen and now its time to do your final voting duty and send a Seattle band to Austin this spring as part of SPIN and popchips Pop Up Live contest. Culled from 50 local finalists, Ramona the Band was triumphant in the (206) with their pop-up vaudeville carnival and concert, complete with aerialists and sexy-smoky vocals from leader singer Dion Vox. SPIN’s David Marchese said “The vaudeville carnival feel was the most creative idea I saw! I wish I’d been at that show.” And I’m apt to agree.

You can view Seattle’s winning video below and cast your vote for Ramona the Band (or whatever band you think is most deserving) on the pop up live Facebook page.

[ editor’s note: I was paid by SPIN and popchips to judge the Seattle component of this competition, this is sponsored content. ]


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  1. That editor’s note goes along way Abbey. Even in a simple blog post, thanks for putting your integrity first.

  2. Thanks JC, much appreciated.

  3. Krista #

    So.. are you basically saying you didnt like Ramona and the Band personally, but you were paid to write this article?

  4. Krista, this disclaimer is posted on any content from a sponsor or associated with an advertiser:

    I was asked to judge the Seattle portion of the competition by SPIN and popchips and was paid to do so. As for my judging, out of the two Seattle finalists, Ramona the Band got my vote.

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