October 21, 2011

Recommendations: City Arts Fest on Saturday


Mark Arm of Mudhoney ::: photo by Josh Lovseth

City Arts Fest comes to an end with a crash and a barrage of bills featuring some of Seattle’s finest and loudest acts. Here’s our recommendations.

Mudhoney, Hot Bodies in Motion, Thee Emergency, Lovesick Empire at Neumos

Before I was a black adult, I was a black kid. Like any black kid, there were people I looked up to. These people weren’t role models per se (because I stopped believing in role models before I stopped believing in Santa Claus), but they were people it was fun to pretend to be while your mom made snack for you after school (shout out to Regina, she knows all the words to “Mrs. Jackson”). I liked sports so I would often pretend to be Barry Sanders, Daryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Steve Yzerman, OJ Simpson and Ken Griffey Jr. while I waited for my baked potato to finish in the microwave. Yes, I was that hipster kid that was into baked potatoes while other kids were eating cereal and other boring kids snacks. I would’ve been that kid that loved sushi if I saw one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles eating it but that’s a whole different conversation…

Anyway, during middle school I developed the nasty habit of playing air guitar in the shower while one of my favorite compact discs (remember those?) played in my disc man. Looking back on these antics, I wish I could recreate such bliss as an adult. Maybe after I write this post I’ll drape a wet wash cloth over my head and pretend I’m Rob Zombie or something. The music that basically took up permanent residence in that ancient piece of technology, was Nirvana’s Nevermind Mudhoney’s Superfuzz Big Muff plus Early Singles and Mudhoney.

Other kids wanted to be Kurt Cobain, I wanted to be Mark Arm. I always thought that Mr. Arm was under the radar, such an enviable position to be in comparison to the former.

Now almost two decades later I’m left with a tough choice to make. I’ve never seen Mudhoney. Do I want to see them at Neumos and possibly ruin all those imaginary concerts that took place in my bathroom as a pre-teen? I mean, Mr. Arm and I formed quite a make believe duo. Every show we played was sold out. We never missed a note in any sense of the word. We actually got inducted into the Make Believe Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in the year 2001. Oddly enough, Make Believe is more legitimate and prestigious than the real Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Go figure.  Hot Bodies in Motion are playing the opening of the Microsoft Store, but don’t tell anyone I said that. Oh, wait. Let me check my notes, hold on a second. That’s actually the Black Keys, my apologies. Despite being huckleberried by the copywriting department at City Arts, Hot Bodies in Motion will be playing at Neumos on Saturday night. God, where’s my intern? She’s going to get fired.

Once upon a time, there was this band called Thunderbird Motel Thee Emergency and they were the only band that anyone seemed to talk about (bad or good). Four years later……crickets. On Saturday night, do the Thee Satisfaction Emergency make their way back to the limelight? It’s possible.

I don’t know anything about Lovesick Empire but what little I do know I am enjoying thus far.

The show starts mega early at 7pm. $17 advance. $20 at the door. (Phil)

Thao and The Get Down Stay Down, Lemolo, Grand Hallway, Kris Olrlowski at The Crocodile

Doe Bay was the time of bands breaking things. Pickwick broke the main stage with the open invitation for the crowd to see what their garage soul was like from their point of view, and Lemolo caused fans to break the porch of a small yoga studio while they craned to see inside the late night, 100 person show. Fresh off their West Coast tour opening for The Head and the Heart, Lemolo joins the other opening band from that same leg, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down (one of my all time favorite band names), for a much more stable performance at the Crocodile tomorrow night, along with local favorites Grand Hallway, and Kris Orlowski. Each of these artists is a powerhouse in their own way; Thao a woman who so smoothly marries youthful, expansive sparkle in her music with wry wit, and Lemolo with their charming floaty dream rock. Grand Hallway, whose lush orchestration led by Tomo Nakayama suspends audiences by gossamer threads, and Kris Orlowski, a troubador by definition, whose full bodied croon develops a charisma all its own. This is a show of headliners, a relay race where the winner is whoever gets there earliest and stays till the end. See you there. (Kathleen)

Lemolo: In Black & White from Sound on the Sound on Vimeo.

Shelby Lynne, Noah Gundersen at The Triple Door:

Its taken me a while, a long while, to be converted by the charms of Noah Gundersen. While I’ve never denied the loveliness of his voice, the skillfulness of his picking or the promise he shows as a songwriter, for years I heard more of Gundersen’s influences than himself in his songs. But sometime this year, when Gundersen chose to stop the incessant DMB inspired noodling which characterized his 2010 shows and to pare down and return to the simple, stunning harmonies and strong story-telling that had folks calling him the next Bazan years ago, I finally wised up to what Gundersen brings to the table. Young for certain, and at times heavy handed, watching Gundersen on stage is watching a young man already capable, but brimming full of promise yet to be found. His new EP Family is a huge leap forward, forceful folk that finally showcases Gundersen and not just what he’s spinning in his iPod. I feel like I’ve finally heard Noah and now that I have, I’m looking forward to hearing more. (Abbey)

Other Excellent Saturday Options:

The Hold Steady and Grand Archives at The Neptune Seapony, Tea Cozies, Midday Veil, Witch Gardens at The Rendezvous Male Bonding, Virgin Islands, Unnatural Helpers at Chop Suey Capsula, Whalebones, Stag, Rose Windows at The Comet

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  1. Yvonne #

    We’ll be there to see Lemolo! Went to CA to see their shows too and wow we were impressed. I love Lemolo!

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