September 30, 2011

Sleeper Agent “Get It Daddy”


29 emails.

I suck at math so Gmail did the counting for me. That’s how many e-mails I’ve gotten in relation to Sleeper Agent since springtime Seattle’s elongated Winter was deciding whether or not it wanted to end. Like most e-mails related to bands, I ignored them. It wasn’t personal, it’s just that the subject line or the name did not stand up. The descriptions were “meh,” as the kids say these days. Plus, it had quotes from publications I respected in 1995 use as toilet paper because the economy is no joke:

“These co-ed garage-rock saviors-in-waiting offer two minutes that sound like the most original – and forceful – introduction to a new band we’re likely to hear all year.” – Esquire

“A dozen deliriously catchy gems… it’s the sound of high fives and Makers Mark spilling from the speakers.”SPIN

I yawned. Time passed. Your boyfriend’s beard grew.

Then one fine day (just like the movie), I was day-drinking and reading a book at Madison Beach when the sudden notion of “You’ve got a nice buzz, now is the time to check out Sleeper Agent…” entered my mind. I played a different version of the “Get It Daddy” video on my Iphone and was left bedazzled, glitter everywhere mostly unresponsive. I didn’t like the song but I didn’t hate it either.

This in itself is a minor miracle because I am bigoted. I’m a ModernGarageRockaphobic. You heard me…

I detest the White Stripes unless I’m at a college football game. I loathe every song the Strokes ever wrote unless I’m on the dance floor.

If it has only three chords, is a rehash of something written more than two decades prior and there’s some guy pretending he’s the front-man for the Kingsmen, then I must deliver the following message. The band that I just described, whomever they may be, can go fuck themselves.

Sleeper Agent isn’t quite like that. Whoever chose this song as the lead single might fool you but they won’t fool me. At about 1:22 minute mark you get some idea of Sleeper Agent’s creativity. It’s a shame because for most of their songs you have to wait for the “good stuff” to make its presence known. I admit, you might have to wait through a couple of tracks before that even happens. In my opinion they have one hidden gem on their newly released album titled Celebrasion which is available on Mom+Pop Music. The song is called “All Wave and No Goodbye” and has a different feel than the rest of the album. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they decide to go in the direction of this song during the course of their future releases.

If you like “Get It Daddy,” then go see Sleeper Agent at the Vera Project this Sunday at 7:30pm. Tickets are $11 (what are they U2 or something?).

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  1. macky-paige #

    I love Celebrasion. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can get it on Amazon for $5….it’s totally worth it!

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