September 13, 2011

Win Tickets to See “Jacket Summer,” Brother Bear and Cumulus




With one last lovely Seattle summer week behind us, it seems we are destined to don our jackets again till next July. Which is just fine with our headliner this Friday and the progenitor of the term, “Jacket Summer.” Known better by his own name, this iconic local songwriter is changing things up this Friday, playing with a full band and showing a side of himself and his new record that none of us have seen yet and we may never see again. Despite a label and decade spanning career, we think he’s writing the best songs of his life right now and we are so excited he’s agreed to play another show for us, whatever name he has to go by.

Secret is out … JACKET SUMMER IS DAMIEN JURADO, with a full band.

Joining Jacket Summer will be Brother Bear and Cumulus, two bands that credit our headliner as huge inspirations in the creation of their own songs. You can hear his influence in the songs of both acts:


Demos for An Account of the Happenings At Wretched Knob by brother bear





With a weekend forecast for showers and 60 degree temperatures, we’ll all be members of Jacket Summer soon enough. For two lucky readers, they can get an early start for free. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and include your real name and an email you check regularly. We’ll pick two winners Thursday at 3pm, whose names will be on the guest list Friday. Sorry underage readers, this is a 21+ show.

If you don’t want to chance it to fate, and considering what we’ve heard is in the works for this show, you don’t, you can buy your tickets on Brown Paper Tickets at their reduced early purchase price.


Hit us up.

  1. Riley #

    free tickets? yes please! do you accept bribes in the form of chocolate chip cookies?

  2. Sounds like a cool show.

  3. Stephen #

    Not sure who Jacket Summer is, but I haven’t been led astray by one of your recommendations yet, I would love tickets to the show!

  4. Stephanie W #

    Would love to win free tickets!

  5. Damien Jurado #


  6. Lindsey #

    Ooh this looks good. And I think I know who it might be…

  7. Scott #

    Two Bar would love to take a road trip this weekend!

  8. Just met some of the members of Brother Bear Labor Day weekend in Neah Bay. Can’t wait to see them live!

  9. Colby #

    I’ve got an idea who Jacket Summer composes of based on our pre-mid-July summer weather.

  10. Evan Morrison #

    If I don’t get the tickets, I vote for commenter # 5.

  11. Megan Elmer #

    Love the music of “Jacket Summer”!

  12. Branden Casper #

    I would love to win me some tickets!!!

  13. Dante Rodriguez #

    I’ve been looking forward to this show for a while. If I won free tickets that would only be more amazing. Either way, I’ll be there.

  14. Lydia Cox #

    I can’t wait for this show! My summer jacket will be in tow.

  15. Kelly Pattison #

    I am in want of two tickets, I know you can’t always get what you want but I hope an exception is made in this case. I.m at the window waiting for doors to open in anticipation.tap.tap.tap

  16. Jesiah Wurtz #

    I like free tickets :)

  17. Kim West #

    Ryan and I are planning on going to this anyways, so free tickets would be awesome! See you Friday either way!

  18. rachel nyssen #

    leave it to damien to be so hard-core-stealth that his friends had to find out via twitter. gah! schedule-rearranging starting…now! :)

  19. Alisha Anisko #

    holy moly! i’d do any number of ridiculous things for free tickets to this show. a friend told me last month that this was a secret show of mr. jurado’s. i’m insanely poor, and would love to be able to see him.

    weird stories about my relationship with going to his shows…

    1st time: saw him in florida, when i was planning on moving here. he and i talked about seattle stuff after the show.

    2nd time: he played for free across from my apt on the hill. but my friend got me drunk and didn’t get me to the show till an hour after it ended.

    3rd time: saw him at the triple door, and had something completely awful happen afterwards… and i haven’t been able to listen to his music since.

    4th time: THIS TIME!? seeing him after my new fresh start and all that stuff would be amazing. like jurado-esque baptism. and then i can listen to his beautiful songs again, from then on. pretty please…?

  20. Thanks for everyone who entered, lucky commenters 2 and 14 will have their names on the list! We hope to still see lots of you there. If you get your tickets today, they’re a couple bucks cheaper than at the door.

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