July 13, 2011

The Daily Choice: Blithe Field – People I Love


Blithe Field’s new album silently imploded in to the indie-sphere late last month, and I’m just getting around to letting it’s melancholy beauty enfold me.  I’d posted “Crushing” in an earlier column, and find myself equally swooning over “People I Love.”  Spencer Radcliffe seems to use the constant tick of a metronomic device to signify the speed up and slow down of the human heart.  The synth swells in the background so gently it feels like an afterthought, but the sort of afterthought you have when you recognize a face on the street, or when you’ve just left the company of a certain, special someone.  It’s a short, sweet haze of a song, and is completely indicative of just how good Blithe Field’s newest release is.

Two Hearted came out in the end of June on Waaga.

Blithe Field – People I Love


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