July 6, 2011

Win Tickets to Slack Fest, See The Moondoggies, My Goodness, The Maldives & More


The Maldives at Slack Fest ::: photo by Abbey Simmons

[COI alert: Slack Fest has paid me to help with press, but as you can tell by the line-up I'd be excited for and writing about Slack Fest were that not the case.]

Rock’n'Roll festivals and racetracks don’t have the best, um, track record.

But unlike Altamont, which Jerry Garcia described as “a nice day in hell,” Slack Fest promises to be 100% less stabby and it has all the makings for the party of the summer. With a forecast of 70 degrees and sunny, eight of the best local rock bands scheduled to take the flatbed truck stage, the promise of after-hours bonfire jams and a few kegs of Vitamin R — Slack Fest is worth taking the rock’n'roll on a race track risk. Featuring sets from local favorites The Moondoggies, The Maldives, My Goodness, Joseph Giant, Whalebones, Golden Blondes, Jack Wilson and a sure to be raucous sing along to American Girls, all in a way you’ve never seen them before (unless you caught The ‘Doggies and the ‘Dives at the last Slack Fest) — this is a day you’ll be spending all summer trying to remember.

Two lucky readers and their friends will be catching Slack Fest this Saturday for free. Just leave a comment and we’ll pick a lucky winner at noon on Thursday.


Hit us up.

  1. Mike Stevens #

    All I can say is catch them while you can! This is a classic NW event with some of the best local acts around. The Moondoggies consistently kick ass each and every show!!!

  2. Eric Nelson #

    Ain’t no lord gonna keep me from loving the Moondoggies–free tix or not! ;-)

  3. Ashley #

    Love the Moondoggies. :)

  4. Carissa #

    Great line-up, can’t wait for this!

  5. slackin’ this weekend!

  6. Megan Vogel #

    Looking forward to catching my first Slackfest! It’s like in my back yard. STANWOOD!!

  7. chris #

    luv to slack off this weekend with some ‘doggies and some maldives : )

  8. colleen #

    most excited to catch My Goodness! would LOVE to get outta the city for a quality day of bands, beer and beautiful weather. please? :) thanks sound on the sound!

  9. Amber #

    Maldives and Moooondoggies? YES PLEASE!

  10. Steve Headrick #

    I have yet to miss a Slackfest and getting into this years for free would be awesome.

  11. Nicole #

    Yes please! I’m broke broke broke and would really appreciate some free tix!!

  12. laura #

    good to see that don not “in charge”.. just sittin’ back and relaxing this time around.. with a couple o’ rainies and a hopefully a huuuuuuuuge smile on his rocknroll-loving mug.. cheers Mr. Slack. I miss the dog house (i think that’s what it was called)..but the tractor trailer flat bed should be cool.. this could happen on a giant lilly pad and it would still rock the casbah though.. with that lineup..yeeeeeeeeeeh haaaaaaaaa!!

  13. Kimmie #

    pretty please

  14. Jayme Belle #

    What’s Slackfest? Enlighten me.

  15. Dan #

    Would love to win some tickets – I have gone back to school so I can’t afford to buy my own!

  16. Hopefully be slack-lining and Slack Fest. The Moondoggies are my heros of a swingin’ grand time. <3 «Moondoggies»

  17. shoren brown #

    Moondoggies make me shake my tailfeathers.

  18. Eugenie #

    Woo-hoo! My Goodness and the Mooddoggies – can’t wait!

  19. Jess #

    I would love to win tickets! Love the Moondoggies!

  20. Lydia Cox #

    The sounds and stage are set for a fantastic day in the Pacific Northwest. Let’s go!

  21. Ryan Call #

    A great opportunity to get out of the city. Looking forward to it!

  22. Gen #

    First Slack Fest – so excited!

  23. Danielle #

    “You’ve got a real attitude problem, McFly. You’re a slacker! You remind me of your father when he went here. He was a slacker, too.” … let’s show the “Biffs” of the world who’s really in charge. Slackfest 2011. Can’t. Wait.

  24. Earl #


  25. Thanks for entering everyone, I’ll be emailing the lucky winners in the next ten minutes! Hope to see you all at Slack Fest this weekend!

  26. Hey maybe you have a surprise ticket left for a women who used to go to Woodinville Gold Creek concerts and digs this concert on a flatbed truck with an Awesome lineup!and a loyal KEXP MEMBER!

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