May 25, 2011

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – “I Swear” [video]


Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside – I Swear from Matthew Ross on Vimeo.

Considering “of another era” is probably the most common phrase used to describe Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside’s style, their decade-spanning video for “I Swear” suits them to a tee.

Sallie’s highly-anticipated debut album Dirty Radio was released yesterday and she’ll be celebrating its release Thursday June 2nd at The Tractor Tavern and back-to-back nights Friday and Saturday at the Doug Fir in Portland.


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  1. Thud #

    she kind of sounds like a constipated geddy lee

  2. Shawn #

    Wow, that last post-er has no idea. I feel sorry for him/her. Just saw Sallie Ford live two days ago and I can’t get enough. What an amazing singer, songwriter and band. They will be as huge as an act like this can get within a year and deservedly so. It takes a lot to make me dance. Sallie Ford had me and everyone else within earshot shaking a tail feather for over an hour. This is American music at its finest.

  3. Thud #

    I bear her and her group no ill will; but the vocals in that particular video made me think of Geddy Lee (Rush singer) in the Fly By Night era; but with grunting. Perhaps I was a little harsh, but take a listen with my description in mind, I think it is not without basis.

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