May 17, 2011

The Daily Choice: Monster Rally – Siberian Girls


I was just privately bemoaning a few of my favorite music sites for seemingly focusing on a handful of bands only to come to the realization that my brief daily column follows in similar footsteps.  Gold Robot sent me over the new 4-song 7″ from cruisy favorite Monster Rally and though I’ve peppered your sonic abilities with song after Monster Rally song, I couldn’t help but share it with the world.  ”Siberian Girls” strays from Monster Rally’s typical sort of rhythm heavy island jams, existing more as a hazy vision of a journey in to the  interior of a djinn’s golden lamp.  There’s no back-handed wishes here though, just the gentle shake of a maraca and the dream-like strum of a harp.

“Siberian Girls” drops from the new Deep Sea 7″ (super limited, super opaquely pink, super hand-printed album art) on Gold Panda.  Grab it ‘fore it’s gone.

Monster Rally – Siberian Girls


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