April 28, 2011

The Daily Choice: The People’s Temple – Sons of Stone


It’s always interesting me to parse together the inspirations inherent in every piece of music I post on this site, especially as I get older and the inspirations for musicians become closer to my own heart.  On first listen The People’s Temple seem to be mixing the paint piles of a slew of bands from the late 60s to the early 70s, dousing it in fuzz turpentine and then throwing it on the canvas.  But the vocals, oh the vocals, take a futuristic step from these well trod paths, and all of sudden, I’m hearing tones of Styx. The bold, reach-for-the-heavens sort of earnestness on the chorus, makes me think of the final alien-rife close of “Sail Away” pushed through the pastry sieve of modern garage.  And though the combination sounds like a vomit jellybean, it works, magnificently well.  It’s an 70s psych-rock-surf-punk-80s mash-up, and I don’t even feel nauseous after listening to it.

The People’s Temple will be releasing a full length album on HoZac later in the year.

The People’s Temple – Sons of Stone


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